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Running an authoritive nameserver with DNSSEC

Being employed at a large DNSSEC operator it is unthinkable not to run my own authoritve nameserver for rikribbers.nl with DNSSEC. There several references on the internet on how to run DNS and how DNSSEC works. I assume you can find them yourselve (by...

My pelican development setup

This blog is a note to myself on how I setup my website editing stuff. I've chosen to use pelican because I wanted a static generated, template capable platform. As I have some Markdown experience this was another important requirement in choosing the...

My first code blog post

This is simple blog spot to test the display of code snippets. The first example is an erlang example taken from here. -module(echo). -export([start/1,server/1,handle_messages/1]). start(Port) -> spawn(?MODULE,server,[Port]). server(Port) -> {ok,...

My first blog post

The next coming period I will start publishing a few technical blogs on Java, Erlang and DEMO. Propably I will post a few entries on Pelican also escpecially on the customisation I have in mind. Enjoy!