Thinking that there already was some information available on howto count the lines of code in Erlang I ended up here.

> Does anyone know of an open source tool (hopefully without output in 
> English) that counts lines of Erlang code?

grep, wc and find are your friends.

But the answer depends on what you mean with lines of Erlang code.

All lines:

wc -l $(find . -name "*rl")

Lines that are not blank lines or comments:

grep -v '^[[:space:]]*\($\|%\)' $(find . -name "*.erl") | wc -l


Ehm grep, wc and find are not my friends...So what is happening here...

find . -name "*.erl" --> find all files ending with erl

grep -v              --> Select lines *not* matching

'^[[:space:]]*       --> ignore the lines that start with one or more spaces, tabs, newlines etc.

\(<more stuff>\)    --> Ah I now recognize the regex group

$\|%\               --> either a $ or & character

Seriously is that all! I'll let wc -l for yourself to figure out what it does as I'm having a beer with my new made friends grep, wc and find.

EDIT I Don't now either why the $ is also used as a comment.